Lash Refills

Master Stylist Pricing:

Classic Mink             – starting $300+ (90-120 min)


Mink 1 week refill         – $75

Mink 2 week refill        – $85

Mink 3 week refill        – $125

Mink 4 week refill        – $150


Classic / Volume Mix - add $50


**After 4 weeks new set is required**

Certified Stylist Pricing:


Classic Mink               – starting $199+ (90-120min)


Mink 1 week refill            – $65

Mink 2 week refill           – $75

Mink 3 week refill           – $100

Mink 4 week refill           – $125


Classic / Volume Mix - add $50


Lash Removal – $35

**After 4 weeks new set is required**

Volume Mink                           – starting $300+ (2.5 hrs)


Volume 2/4D 2 Week Refill      – $100

Volume 2/4D 3 Week Refill      – $125

**After 3 weeks new set is required**

Lash Lift & Tint:

                                                          - $150 (1 hr)

Semi-permanent Make-up



                                                       - $500-650+ initial visit

                                                       - $150(2nd visit)

Modern Brow

Complete re-design - Priced at time of consultation

Full brow powder ombré shading  

                                                     - $550


Half Brow                                    - $350


Powdery w/Microblading

                                                     - $650

Modern Liner: 

Lash line Enhancement  

                                                    - $399

Natural Top Liner                    - $500

Natural Top & Bottom Liner - $600

Modern Lips: 

Ombré  Lip                                - $450

Touch up visit                            - $150 

Within 2 months after procedure 



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Full Mink Set

All our eyelash extension services are customized with compassion to exceed the client's expectations. We at R Studio lash every lash, we do not count lashes and after every visit you will leave with a full set. You will relax on a monitored heated bed, during this pain-free and safe procedure

2 Hours - $199

Volume Set

With our volume set, you are getting 2-4 lighter weight lashes applied to a single natural lash. This adds more fluff and dimension, particularly for clients who have sparse eyelashes.

2.5 Hours - $300 

Lash Lift & Tint


An alternative to lash extensions that enhances your own natural lashes is called a "Lash Lift", an advanced technique designed to boost, lift and curl the natural lash without having to use a lash curler, wear eyelash extensions or mascara. This look can last up to 6-8 weeks.


1 Hour - $150

Semi-permanent make-up

Semi-Permanent Cosmetics, also known as permanent makeup is a process where pigments, specially designed for the eyebrows, lips and eyeliner are inserted into the upper most dermal layer of the skin. The result is a semi-permanent water proof and hassle-free look.

**Please look for pricing at our semi-permanent make-up menu**

**Please call for bookings!** 



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